Meet Designer & Creative Director Scott Camaran as KROST presents 2nd Collection by renee benot official website

Come meet Designer & Creative Director, Scott Camaran of KROST New York Fashion Apparel, for the Grand Opening of his 2nd Collection with KROST named "Dry Clean Only" on Wednesday May 22, 2019 between 3p to 7p at their 2600 Sq. ft. Showroom located at 153 Mercer Street, Soho, New York #krostnewyork #samuelkrost #spring#scottcamaran #byscottcamaran #joneiproductions #fashion #newcollection #trending #newyorkpost

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We made FORBES magazine…JONEI CEO congratulates CLIENT Scott Camaran by renee benot official website

We made FORBES magazine.....

Renee Benot CEO of Jonei Productions congratulates client Scott Camaran, Creative Director & Sr. Fashion Designer and Founder, Samuel Krost of KROST New York Apparel Brand for their feature in Forbes Magazine as one of the NEW emerging fashion brands to watch for in 2019. Make it happen! https://www.forbes.com/sites/oliviaperez/2019/01/04/the-emerging-fashion-brands-to-watch-in-2019/?fbclid=IwAR1oyv5Csgoj_syIiX-0-Lq4sfoRFq7LPVWvpaPAkhB4YHUzPQunrF2tuIw#3e981061293d