L'Officiel Fashion Magazine - KROST: THE PHILANTHROPIC FASHION LABEL / by renee benot official website

KROST New York is a Philanthropist Company - The socially conscious brand continues to show its commitment to sustainability and community with their latest collection. KROST is erasing their carbon footprint with the launch of their first sustainable capsule collection, Support Team. Jonei Talent and KROST’s Creative Director, Scott Camaran said “Second Semester: Kids At Play was inspired by our first friendships made on the playground and we made this collection to celebrate the vibrancy of our youth, innocence and unconditional support for one another.” The brand’s slogan, “Support Your Friends,” speaks to the fundamental mission of the brand to foster positive energy, and the efforts of the label stem much further than just the clothes themselves. KROST has partnered with Naked Retail at New York 11 Howard.

KROST is partnering with Ziel, an on-demand apparel manufacturing company, to produce each piece as needed. “It’s entirely made to order. This means less energy and fewer resources to make, store, and distribute the apparel.”